Victoria Secret Model Diet and Workout

Victoria Secret Model Diet and Workout

Victoria Secret Model Diet and Workout

“Victoria Secret”, I’m sure everyone familiar with this US-based brand. It has more than 1100 outlets all over the world. This brand is popular for women-centric products like lingeries and cosmetics items. Victoria Secret is also popular for its charming sexy models. So there are lots of girls who are curious about the Victoria Secret Model Diet and Workout plans

Because lots of girls want to look like them. And some of them might be looking for an opportunity to replace them. That’s why they want to be like them. So here I am going to reveal the diet and workout plan of a victoria secret model.

Before going to the plan, let just name top models of victoria secret.

Popular Models of Victoria Secret:

These are some Instagram Posts of Victoria Secret Models.

So if you want to have a figure like this then you can follow these diet and workout plans which I am going to mention below.

Victoria Secret Model Diet:

Diet is the most important part of building a great body. And not only building it but also keeping it for a long. The most difficult part is maintaining it. So most of the models of the company maintain a strict diet on a daily basis. And surprisingly most of the models don’t have any cheat day in a week.

Most of the models have only 900 to 2500 calories in a day. For most of us, it equal to our 1 time which we consume on a daily basis. So if you plan to follow this, it might become very hard for you in the beginning.

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Now you might be thinking about the kind of food that they have. First of all water, water in a huge quantity. They only have 100% spring water apart from that no other waters.

What are the foods Victoria Secret Models have?

They basically have only fruits and eggs in the morning. Apart from that water.No Tea, No Coffee not even diet coke. Before a workout, they only have this.

In the launch, they would have proper protein fulled launch. They mostly have grilled chicken with extra virgin olive oil and some vegetables. And mostly lots of water.

In the evening snacks, they would have nuts and fruits. And black coffee in the evening.

Then in the night have light dinner and go to bed early. Because most of the model has a proper 9 hours of sleep daily basis.

What is the Victoria Secret Model workout plan?

Apart from Diet, Excercise is one of the most important parts to keep your body in perfect shape. As I mentioned, it is really hard to maintain fitness. That’s why most of the models do regular gym and cardio also.

Some of the models also do kickboxing and swimming to maintain their body shape on a regular basis.

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So if you want to body like them, then you should follow these things.

  • Proper healthy food.
  • Have plenty of water.
  • Do regular exercise
  • Have a proper 9 hrs sleep daily.

So these are the basic thing, if you follow these then you might have a body like Victoria Secret model.

Victoria Secret Model Diet Plan pdf:

If you want to download the victoria secret model diet plan in pdf then you can download it from the below link. But before downloading it check out the model’s diet exercise plans.

Download Now

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