NPTEL vs Coursera : Which is the best?

NPTEL vs Coursera

NPTEL vs Coursera: Which is the best? In the modern age of e-learning, it is one of the most asked questions by students online. As both platforms are one of the best available on the Internet. But although there are lots of confusion about these. So let’s discuss it in detail.

EducatorsNPTEL is the initiative by MHRD of India. Basically Top IIT's and top institutes are providing courses here.In Coursera, World's top Universities along with Top Multinational Companies are providing courses here.
Teaching StyleVery good but style of teaching is old.Very Good and style of teaching is very very impressive.
Practical KnowledgePractical Knowledge sharing is not there.Very good hands on practice training platforms.
CertificationTo get the certificate, You must attend offline exams as well as online assignments provided by them every week.You only have to complete all the assignments only.
TimingNot Flexible. After completing every week, you have to wait for them till they provide next module.Flexible Timing. you can read or complete the course any time. If you want then you can also complete it within a day. It is completely Your choice.
PricingPrice is low compare to Coursera. Price is around Rs.1000 per course. And also special discount for SC/ST Candidates.Pricing is bit high. Although you can apply for Financial Aid and enjoy most of the courses for free.

These are the basic and most important things about NPTEL and Coursera.

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