How to learn Python in LockDown?

How to learn Python in LockDown?

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn. If you don’t any programming language before then also you can learn it easily within a few weeks. And trust me it is the best time to learn it. Because during this pandemic and lockdown situation your school college everything is closed. And mostly you can’t able to go out to hang out with friends. So you can utilize this time fully.

Some studies prove that anyone can make any habit within 21 days time frame. So during this pandemic time, you can utilize your time to get the habit of coding using Python.

So let’s discuss how I learned Python from zero to at some point in writing codes by myself. I started learning by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1- Finding Resource:

Finding a resource for learning something is really important for anybody. But for students like us in 2020, we have one of the most powerful things in our hand that’s the Internet. And I found a website called LearnPython from I come to learn from the very beginning. Learned about all the basic things like- Data Type, Clause, and more.

Step 2- Practice:

After learning the basics I started to write basic codes on my own. And trust me, I haven’t installed any IDEs to run those codes. I used online IDEs to run the codes. So if you have a sufficient amount of Data then you can also do that.

Step 3- More Learning:

After a bit of practice, I enrolled myself in some online courses offered by Coursera. And I learned some advanced things like Data Structures, Classes, and more.

By these 3 steps from zero knowledge in Python to have some knowledge in python, I have gained. So if you want to learn some skills then you can also follow these 3 steps. I hope these steps will also be helpful for you as well.

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