Haro Wine Fight

Haro Wine Festival 2020 Dress Code | Tickets | Facts

Haro Wine Festival 2020 Dress Code | Tickets | Facts

Haro Wine Festival 2020 is a traditional festival in Spain. There are lots of things about this festival, you should know. Haro Wine Fight happens every year from 27th to 30th June in Haro Spain. It is basically Batalla de Vino, a.k.a. Wine Battle.

Yeah! You read right, at this festival people play with Wine. It is almost the same as Holy in India which is a festival of colors. Here in La Rioja town of Haro town in Spain, people play with La Rioja red wine. It is one of the best wine available over there. Wait! That’s not the end, here is more you should know about this festival.

Haro Wine Festival

If you are from other countries rather than Spain, then you need to know these things. If you want to join there and play with wine.

Haro Wine Festival facts:

Haro Wine Festival is not a new thing, it was happening every from the 6th Century. There are lots of news floating all over Spain about the history of it. But here I’m not going to tell you about this boring history.

Every year in the month of June, from 27th June to 30th June, the festival is organized. But to enter and play with the wines, you need to follow specific dress codes. The dress code is a must which you need to follow to enter there.

Haro Wine Fight Dress Code:

Yes! the festival is also known as Haro Wine Fight. Because obviously it was named because of the wine and fight thing. Now comes to the dress code which is a must to enter here. There is not that hard or heavy dress code.

You only need to wear white clothes to enter the crazy battle of wine or Spanish wine festival. But surely you will end up your day with purple clothes after facing wine all day long.

Here are some dress codes which you might interest to buy.

How to reach the location?

Spanish wine festival organized in the La Rioja town of Haro town in Spain. It is a small town in Spain. Don’t worry I will share the Google Map Link over here. So that you don’t find it hard to enjoy the festival. The link of the maps is below from where you can check it out.

Accommodation for Spanish Wine Festival:

If you want to participate in the festival from outside of Spain then you can also do that. Because there are lots of people doing that. You can easily find affordable stays over there. So no need to worry about that just join the festival and enjoy life.

Tickets for the Festival:

According to my research, you don’t need to purchase any tickets for the event as per today. But it might change in the future. So you make sure you check your travel arrangements with proper research and plainning.

Haro Wine Festival foods:

There are not so much food option means there are not any special food option available. You can just try authentic Spanish Food Options over there. Like Paella, Gazpacho, Fideuà, Patatas bravas, and more. These food options, you can try over there. You can also try out these food recommendations from us.

Haro Wine Fight Images:

There are some images that might love to check out before traveling over there. These Images are the previous year images.

Image Source: Google


If you want to experience la batalla del vino de or Wine Battle, then you can sure go once. I’m sure that you will not regret it. Here is the link to the location mentioned below, as I promised you. I will give you. 

Here is the link of the location

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